“… Sleeping and eating in the Campo de San Juan with all the comforts of technology and no concessions to rural traditionalism obsolete.
Ismael Galiana, La Opinion, 13 October 2006

“The rooms are kept to the last detail have every convenience for the traveler can enjoy a pleasant stay”
TIEMPO, 4 December 2006

“Oasis of soft modernity within Murcia. Decorated by the famous designer of hats Candela Cort, who has given a personality that combines warmth and a sterile whiteness ”
VIAJAR, November 2006

“… And the kitchen, where you can enjoy traditional local recipes make this new house a welcoming place and recommended”
Rocío García, El Pais, December 9, 2006

“Hotel Rural Casa Pernías, at the foot of the Sierra de los Alamos, and that seems to hover over a field of grain in lush poplar and white poplar”
“Nature, tradition and modernity come together in a farmhouse between aspen and cottonwood Murcia”
Chano Montelongo, Metropolis, December 21, 2006

“Rebuilding the family farmstead, converted into rural inn with suites, swimming pool, designer furniture, invites you to visit the Northwest Murciano”
Jose Maria Galiana, LA VERDAD January 20, 2007
“… Luxury guesthouse based serene decor, good food and small but great detail”
ABC, 30 June 2007
“… A perfect combination of modern decor and a natural environment that allows us to discover the richness of this area”
MI CASA, September 2008

“Great house, restored with contemporary style jacket, sometimes minimalist and spare no spaces ”
2007 Guide
“The hotel Pernías House is an oasis of elegance and coquetry”
Sea Reed, Metropolis, April 2007
“House Pernías is fashionable hotel in the countryside of Murcia”
Alvaro Castro, Marie Claire, June 2007
“Forget your side and enjoy wildly townie atmosphere of this inn …”
TELVA, November 2007
“House Pernías: rest with good taste”
“One settles into a sofa next to the lobby and the glass looks like a movie screen that is projected by the film’s Campo de San Juan …”
Miguel Angel Munoz, LA VERDAD, 19 October 2007
“… In the mountainous interior of the province, will also be a reference for those who want total quiet, thanks to this charming rural accommodation”
“House Pernías peace is holy. Not a sound. The breeze swaying wheat. A bird trills at sunset. The landscape becomes golden …
“… All corners reveal sensitive streak of the owners …”
100 HOTEL FOR DISPLAY, TELVA, December 2007
“An antidote to stress”
“To escape, relax and not make plans. Freedom from the narrowness of the floors, talk to the fireside and lose yourself in the field without agenda or mobile ”
Elena Butragueño, El País Semanal, 6 January 2008

“House Pernías: a hotel to stay to live”
“… A simple elegance that does not overwhelm the host, but that surrounds him and tucks him to the point of making you feel at home”
Miguel Angel Ruiz, THE TRUTH, 20 February 2009-11-07