The hotel’s location makes it particularly suitable for the development of all types of nature-related activities.

It is highly recommended the practice of trekking or cycling along the GR7, traditional long-haul route (from Croatia to Cape San Vicente) declared of cultural interest by the EU, part of which runs across the property where the hotel is placed.Specially attractive are the sections that passing through the Sierra of Moratalla leads to the chapel of Santo Cristo, or the one crossing the Canyon of the Turrilla River and, via the Rogativa´s Hermit allows access to Cañada de la Cruz, through the Sierra de Revolcadores, where are the highest mountains in the region of Murcia.

4 KM´s far from the hotel are the caves of Zaén, long time ago the natural refuge of the early settlers and where it is still possible to find prehistorical traces. Located at 1400 m above sea level, allow spectacular views over the valley del CampoSan Juan and the surrounding mountains. Despite its high altitude can be accessed without any effort from the neighboring hamlet of Bajilan on a ride with little difference of half an hour. Other areas of great natural beauty that can be accessed effortlessly from Bajilan are ‘Corner Gardens, the raft of snakes, the Cueva de la Carabela … etc.

Just 2 km from Caravaca de la Cruz (about 20 minutes drive from the hotel) are the sources of the Marquis, a natural birthing many crystal springs, making it the largest source of water of Murcia. Ideal for walks and enjoy the vegetation and wildlife in this park is a center of interpretation of nature located in a tower Templar of the Middle Ages.

Near the hotel is the Sierra de Moratalla, which is the largest ZEPA (Special Protection Area for birds) of Murcia (21,513 Ha): Special Protection Area (ZEPA), where you can enjoy watching wild goat, vulture, booted eagle, eagle (much rarer), peregrine falcon, lesser kestrel … … and a great number of birds (including waterfowl in nearby reservoir of River Alhárabe).